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    Atlantic Striped Bass Regulations

    In response to declining populations of striped bass, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is considering a reduction in recreational and commercial fishing mortality by 25 percent. Changes to striped bass regulations could have a significant impact on anglers
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    Take Action: Stop Pebble Mine

    The EPA’s new proposal will place advanced restrictions on mining activities throughout the Bristol Bay area limiting the negative impacts of a mine. Please support the EPA's proposal today!
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    Top Five Things You May Not Know We Do at KeepAmericaFishing

    For those of us that work on KeepAmericaFishing we get asked regularly what exactly we do, besides send out emails requesting our supporters to take action on a particular issue. With that in mind we decided to write the top five things that we do at KeepAmericaFishing that our supporters might not know about.
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    ZERO day red snapper season?

    Proposed amendment could eliminate red snapper angling in federal waters . . . unless anglers like you speak out now, recreational red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico could be lost completely.
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