Congressmen Oppose Amendment 40 for Red Snapper

In a letter to the Gulf Council, the CSC, the largest bipartisan caucus in Congress with nearly 300 members in 49 states, calls for Amendment 40 – Sector Separation to be tabled. – See more at:


How a Bill Becomes a Law

For many of us the School House Rock! “I’m just a bill” video and jingle were our first ventures onto how a bill becomes a law

KeepAmericaFishing Day Team

Top Five Things You May Not Know We Do at KeepAmericaFishing

For those of us that work on KeepAmericaFishing we get asked regularly what exactly we do, besides send out emails requesting our supporters to take action on a particular issue. With that in mind we decided to write the top five things that we do at KeepAmericaFishing that our supporters might not know about. We [...]


ASA Vice President Gordon Robertson Inducted into AFS Hall of Excellence

On August 17, Gordon Robertson, vice president of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), was inducted into the American Fisheries Society’s (AFS) Fisheries Management Hall of Excellence during AFS’s annual international meeting held August 17-21, in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.