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Block the Ban on Soft Plastic Lures

Join the fight to protect our fishing traditions. There is still a threat that new legislation will be introduced banning soft plastic lures, so we urge you to get involved in Block the Ban!

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Atlantic Striped Bass Regulations

Striped bass is arguably the most popular saltwater recreational fishery on the Atlantic Coast, and is often cited as a model of successful fisheries management. After decades of overharvest brought the stock to the brink of collapse, prompting a moratorium in the 1980s, managers, industry and anglers collectively made hard sacrifices and wise management decisions. [...]


The Advancing Threat of Asian Carp

Asian carp, considered an invasive species by the U.S. Departments of the Interior and Agriculture, are a significant threat to the Great Lakes’ recreational fisheries. Carp populations have the potential to expand rapidly and change the ecosystem composition of the Great Lakes. This will significantly harm the $7 billion annual sportfishing economy in the Great Lakes region.