Abandoned coal mines can be a big problem for local fish. Over time, hazardous runoff from these mines can pollute nearby lakes, rivers and streams and have a negative impact on wildlife.

The Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Trust Fund was established in 1977 to require coal companies to pay a fee on each ton of coal mined in order to restore lands no longer in use. These abandoned mines are potential sources of hazardous materials that can leak into nearby  lakes, rivers and streams, harming the ecosystem, including fisheries.

Since its inception, the Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program has invested more than $5.7 billion in mitigating the hazards posed by abandoned mines. Approximately $616 million has been spent to clean up water hazards in communities across the country.

Keep Fish Safe from Abandoned Mines

Two bipartisan bills that will help restore the land and water surrounding these abandoned mines are on the move in Congress

Contact your Representative to encourage them to support these bills today.