Biscayne National Park – Frequently Asked Questions

Florida KeysWhere is Biscayne National Park (BNP)?
BNP covers 173,000 acres south-southwest of Miami, FL. It is the largest marine park in the National Park system.

What is a General Management Plan (GMP)?
GMPs are issued by the National Park Service and are supposed to guide the park’s actions in achieving their goals and objectives.

What’s wrong with the Biscayne GMP?
The GMP attempts to manage fishing pressure by designating a “marine reserve” which is essentially a no fishing zone. Marine reserves should be a last resort after less restrictive strategies have been tried.

Are there other ways to manage fishing pressure?
Absolutely. More conventional and less restrictive management strategies like size limits, bag limits, quotas, and gear restrictions are techniques that should have been tried first.

How does the GMP affect the community?
By keeping anglers off the water, the GMP diminishes the economic benefits that sportfishing brings to local communities.

What can I do to help?
Send a message to your Members of Congress today telling them to stop this unwarranted and unnecessary closure.


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