Join Kevin VanDam and Pledge to Pitch It!

01_PLANO_Image-300x180Soft plastic lures are a staple in every fisherman’s tackle box. Unfortunately, because some anglers toss their used baits into the water, they are collecting on the bottom of lakes and rivers. And that’s causing problems.

These baits are biodegradable but the process takes time.  Some scientists and environmentalists argue that discarded baits are harmful to the environment and to fish that might ingest them. This accusation was serious enough to lead to a proposed ban of the sale and use of soft plastics in Maine that could affect anglers all over the region, and the rest of the country.

At KeepAmericaFishing, we know that litter and angler education are the real issues.  As pro angler Kevin VanDam said recently in his weekly column on,

“Most anglers don’t throw trash in their fishing waters. We know better and are appalled by what litter we do see in lakes and rivers. However, we’ve all been guilty over the years of pitching a broken worm or jig trailer overboard when we’re re-rigging. I stopped doing that sometime ago, but I have seen others do it. 

There’s no excuse for throwing anything in the water that isn’t going to break down immediately. A crusty sandwich is one thing, but old plastics, fishing line or any tackle should be carried to shore at the end of the day.”

At KeepAmericaFishing,we’ve created an interactive petition called “Pledge to Pitch It.”  By signing the petition, anglers are raising their hand and pledging to pitch worn-out soft plastic lures into a trash can or appropriate recycling canister and NOT in the water.

CLICK HERE and sign the petition today!

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