Keep Florida Fishing Supports FWC to Ensure Good Fishing Opportunities

ASA’s Keep Florida Fishing Director Gary Jennings and FWC Fisheries Resource Manager Dennis Renfro load Mossback fish attractors they just finished building.

Over the past few weeks, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Staff and volunteers have constructed and deployed over 750 fish attractors on Lake Dora in Florida. FWC’s plan is to establish artificial structure in productive locations to improve habitat and benefit future fishing experiences.

In choosing the best placement sites for the attractors, seaplane and boat traffic were taken into account. Once optimal sites were chosen, groupings of 50 and 100 attractors were placed approximately 100 yards apart. Two different sizes of attractors were used and these will be compared for effectiveness.

Lake Dora is noted for big bass and crappie and the new attractors should make good fishing there even better.