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Let’s Work Together to Keep Florida the Fishing Capital of the World

Access to our public resources is at risk. Examples include proposed fishing closures in southeast Florida and limited-to-zero recreational red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic. Overarching water quality issues also are impacting recreational fishing across the state.

Recreational fishing is important to Florida’s economy, supporting more than 128,000 jobs and generating $9.6 billion in economic activity. At more than 3 million strong, Florida anglers also are the financial force behind the state’s fisheries conservation efforts, providing $53.3 million through fishing-license fees and excise taxes on fishing equipment and motorboat fuel. Furthermore, anglers are often the ones to recommend catch limits and other measures to preserve species.

Understanding the need for strong representation and a unified voice in the Sunshine State, the American Sportfishing Association created Keep Florida Fishing with the goal of ensuring that Florida’s anglers have clean waters, abundant fisheries and access to both.

Become Involved

If you care about issues affecting Florida’s fisheries and public access to them like we do, become involved by visiting www.KeepFloridaFishing.org. Like and follow Keep Florida Fishing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to see firsthand how we are making a difference in fisheries management.