Pitch It Program Kicks Into High Gear

Two years ago, Keep America Fishing launched a campaign to educate anglers about the importance of properly disposing of worn out soft plastic baits. Since then, pro and recreational anglers alike have signed the Pledge and are spreading the word about keeping the places we fish clean and litter-free.

In January, Keep America Fishing partnered with FLW to collect and recycle baits used in their tournaments. The FLW Foundation will provide Pitch It bait recycling bins at every FLW tournament across five tournament circuits in 2017 and encourage competitors to use the bins and talk to fans about the importance of proper bait disposal.

At the same time, state fish and wildlife agencies are joining in and passing along information through their publications, outdoor shows, and online. With any luck, you won’t be able to miss the familiar Pitch It logo as you are out and about this year.

To learn more about this great program, go to www.PledgeToPitchIt.org.  Check out what the pros are saying, share your story, and make sure you Sign the Pledge.