boys_fishing_cropWhat is the REC Act?
Officially know as the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016, the REC Act directs the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) of the Department of Commerce to assess and analyze the outdoor recreation economy of the United States and the effects attributable to it on the overall U.S. economy.

How big is the outdoor recreation industry?
The Outdoor Industry Association estimates that outdoor recreation supports 6.1 million jobs and generates over $646 Billion dollars annually.  That’s more jobs and revenue than the pharmaceutical and automotive industry combined.

Why is this important?
With the passing of the REC Act, conservation and stewardship of our land and water can now be seen as part of economic development in America.

How is the REC Act going to help me?
When our elected officials see the importance of outdoor recreation in their district, you can bet those numbers will get their attention. That would mean more funding for stocking and conservation programs and more and better access to prime fishing spots. In short, increased visibility means more and better fishing.

Why do we need the government to keep track of our industry?
While the outdoor industry already tracks their own statistics, government tracking/reporting would bring “third party credibility” and increase both visibility and clout at both the Federal and state levels.

Won’t this be expensive?
No. The REC Act will be paid for out of existing budgets.

Where can I go to read the text of the bill?
Click Here to read the full text of the version that was passed by both the U.S. House and Senate.